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What are the Wikipedia news reference material requirements?

Encyclopedia entries are created and edited according to certain rules. This rule is written very clearly, but it is still confusing, so it is summarized as follows:

  • Big media: will not easily modify the manuscript, delete the manuscript
  • News Events: Real Events, Influential Events
  • Official: Media official, brand official, can carry official voice and responsibility

Available range

1. Articles were published on the websites of news organizations such as Xinhuanet and People's Daily Online.

2. "People's Daily", "Guangming Daily", "Beijing Daily", "Shaanxi Daily", "Southern Weekend" and other central and local newspapers and publications published articles.

3. Articles were published on the websites of central and local government departments such as "China Government Network" and "Official Website of the Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China".

4. "Sina", "Tencent", "Sohu", "NetEase" and other portal sites published articles.

5.Articles published by national and provincial news units and website accounts in Baijiahao.For the specific list, please refer to "Baidu Encyclopedia: Available References for Baijia Accounts"

unavailable range

1. Links to Ugc Content

For example: Weibo, various encyclopedias, forums, blog articles, posts

2.unreliable source

Reference source refers to the name after the word "source" below the title of the reference material (note: some titles do not have the word "source" below the title).

For example: articles from the Internet, unknown sources, business feeds.Fake websites, selling promotion websites (such as shopping websites, information promotion websites, etc.). release

Paid advertisements and articles with obvious purchase recommendation intentions.Press releases refer to articles that do not meet the 6 elements of news, or contain a lot of promotional advertising content.

6 elements of news: time, place, person and event cause, process and result.The news will not introduce the company background, history, personal experience and other content in a large space, please pay attention to screening.

4.Contains a disclaimer

Common disclaimers are as follows: This article is for corporate promotion of commercial information and is only for users' reference. If users use it as a reference for consumption behavior, users are advised to make careful decisions.

All works marked "Source: XXX (not this website)" on this website are reprinted from other media. The purpose of reprinting is to convey more information. It does not mean that this website agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.


The reference material has expired and cannot be opened normally.

Not corresponding

Video-type materials cannot view the video content and need to be replaced with text-type materials. homepage

The homepage of the website cannot correspond to the content of the text, and needs to be replaced with materials corresponding to the content.


Documentary materials cannot view the content and need to be replaced with viewable material types.


The content of image data cannot be viewed and needs to be replaced with a viewable data type.

5.Content does not match

The material does not mention edited entry names or identified information points.

formatting issues

1.wrong format

It is necessary to modify the article name and website name to be exactly the same as the news report in the link.

2.Error in corner label

It should be added at the end of the sentence corresponding to the reference material.

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